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July 27, 2013
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CH: Horace Willgesteall by ShyBlu CH: Horace Willgesteall by ShyBlu
My application for :iconclockhearts:
Because I was using an older computer to send this in, the formatting was such a pain. :iconcryforever: I hope it doesn't look too bad.

Edit: I got accepted! ;A; :iconasdfghplz:


Name: Horace Willgesteall

Gender: Male

Age: 15-18

Height: 5’ 10”

Faction: Hearts

Role: The Misfortunate Son of the Impoverished Duke

* has high IQ and learns very quickly

* Is good at the art of parkour/escape (useful for when he pushes work onto other people)


A pair of scissors his father bought for a hefty sum thinking they were the scissors of the fates who spun the thread of life. It’s actually a normal pair of scissors, but very sharp! And it doesn’t rust easily and is easy to clean so Horace fancies it for a weapon. It’s also not suspicious for him to carry one around because he’s a student and scissors are a common school supply. So that he can use it both in close combat and range, Horace attached a 50 meter long wire to it so that he can throw it at an enemy and draw it back quickly. He also uses the wire to trip his enemies. The wire is dull and can't cut through human skin easily, but it is durable.


+ lazing about/ doing little things that amount to nothing

+ tea time

+ sleeping (doesn’t get much of it though)

+ listening to music/stories

+ money money money

+ hardworking folk


- working

- people who work less than he does

- small animals (they just creep him out)

- the fact that he no longer has servants

- people who are loose with money (his dad)

- owing people things

- tapioca and biscuits (he finds them hard to chew and swallow)

- sunny days (make him feel fatigued)


+ High Academic Aptitude

+ Perseverance/Hardiness

+ Collected Disposition

+ Responsible (to a degree)


- Laziness/Lack of Motivation

- Bitter

- Unhealthy Body/Unhealthy Habits

- Self-Conscious/Self-Degrading


"Because smiling takes less than half of the muscles needed to frown, I've decided that it's easy to just pull a grin on my matter what the situation is."

Horace is very lazy, though he considers himself “efficient”. He looks for shortcuts in order to cut down on the time he has to work. To do this, Horace has no qualms about using other people for his own benefit. No matter what he does, however, Horace is forced to work due to his family’s bankrupt condition. He’ll complain about it, but he does manage to get his tasks done. He does well in school and makes a sustainable income from his various part time jobs. In this case, he can be seen as persevering; even though he hates his current lifestyle, he still lives with it in the end and thrives. He should not be mistaken for hardworking though. He gets the job done, but tries to do it as lazily as he can while still producing satisfactory results. As a side note, he admires hardworking people as he could never imagine himself working diligently on anything.

He’s also a bitter person. He sometimes sees upper class citizens, more specifically mothers and children, and envy them because he believes them to be living an easy life without having to worry about finances. He hates them, but he basically wants to be them. He’s a little sexist because this. Horace’s idea of hardship is economic hardship, which high class women did not undergo so often. He doesn’t really take into consideration the troubles of maintaining a house and raising a family.

In terms of combat, Horace avoids it whenever possible, which is where his parkour skills prove useful. His ability to fight is that of an average human man. He knows of various pressure points of the body that can cause pain or death and uses his scissors to exploit those in a fight. However, because he is usually awake long into the night to take care of school as well as work, his reflexes can be a little slow at the beginning and it is easy to catch him off guard.

Though he would rather not interact with other people often, when he does, Horace acts frivolously but cheerfully, pushing work onto others and slyly escaping. He acts like a polite jerk to those who are indebted to him, but most people either take him lightly or put up with it just enough to remain on bearable terms, which is what he intended. To anyone he owes or wants something from, he'll act politely, always hiding his ulterior motives. He does not wish to build real relationships simply they require too much time and energy to maintain. He does not have any real friends. He’s promised himself not to make any until his own condition is more stable.


Horace was born into an affluent family and got accustomed to a life in which he was always waited on my servants and maids. As a result, he became very lazy and unwilling to do work for himself. When he was a child, his mother's clockheart was smashed beyond repair, but he had never been close to her and therefore doesn’t grieve. However, his mother’s disappearance does affect his father. His father becomes eccentric after the mother’s death and begins buying various oddities and antiques without any real value. He also begins gambling to make up for his expenditures, though he almost always loses money. The family fortune dwindles down to nothing. His father leaves Horace on an extended vacation. He has not come back ever since.

Horace currently lives as a working student at a school. The school is rather prestigious and usually requires a high tuition. However, Horace has a high IQ and is ranked second in his school overall. With some effort he could probably be the first, but he is too lazy to try, since there’s not too much of a difference between first and second in his eyes as the school offered him a lowered tuition anyways. Besides, being first would make him a valedictorian, meaning he would be considered a figurehead for the school and would have to make speeches and attend assemblies, all of which he is unwilling to do.


* He dresses plainly because he’s broke. Sold all of his personal clothing.

* Has an abstemious diet: bread and water. Cannot afford to eat luxurious meals.

* Though he values money highly, he never sold his father’s mansion or any of his father’s possessions within the mansion. He actually does his best to maintain the mansion himself after the servants are gone. Though he doesn’t admit it, he has lingering feelings of admiration for his father, as his father was once a very hardworking man and achieved great things with his effort. The mansion reminds Horace of his, so he does his best to clean it, though he gets lazy about it every now and then.

* He attended his current school even before his family went bankrupt but now instead of paying tuition, he more or less gets to stay just because he does well on tests and makes the school look good. He usually asks the failing people to do his homework because the teachers at his school only check for whether the homework is done, not have much of it is correct. In return, he gives his accomplices answers to a part of a test. Each year, he manages to make the failing students settle for a smaller and smaller part of the complete test key.

:iconclockhearts: (c) :icontooaya:
Hoodie design (c) :iconyueru:
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